In the early nineties in Colorado Springs, Colorado with Bill Anderson, the leader of the CBA with Matt Seward and I first heard the story of the famous defection of Paul Firica.  The lawyer from Texas who risked his life to help him reunite with his family and defect was writing a book about one of the most dramatic stories taking place during the Romanian revolution.

Almost two decades later, our film team traveled to Texas meeting with Edward Roush, in one of the most dramatic retellings of the story that went around the world. Soon, this film would take our film team around the world.

The cinematic journey followed the travelers of Mr. Roush to find Paul Firica’s family who still lived in Romania. Espionage and trickery through the dangers were encountered by the Dallas lawyer.  Having worked some of the largest cases in history, Mr. Roush would risk his life to connect with Paul’s family after he defected.

In the Good Book, there is a story written about a Samaritan and what he did to help a person who was in need.  This was  to all the mythical question asks all of us, “How far would you go to help a stranger?”

Feeling prompted to delve further into the story, the film team traveled to the nation’s capital where we would meet with two United States Congressman, Christopher Smith from New Jersey, formerly serving in Virginia, Frank Wolfe and Mike Hall from Ohio. 

In Congress, these three brave political leaders from the Democrat and Republican party were the bi-partisan delegates who dared to stand up against the communist government for the evil dictator’s persecution to Christians.

This story would lead us to the House of Lords in England filming into the chambers of the Jubilee Room meeting Lord David Alton from Liverpool.  Mr. Roush had identified Lord Alton as a champion for persecuted rights from the British Parliament and flew with him to Nepal visiting persecuted Christians as a prelude for his dangerous mission to Bucharest.   Traveling into a communist nation was a prelude of peril following his controversial life.

Carrying this story of Paul’s defection from the Houston harbor when Paul jumped ship, ended up on the desk of President Ronald Reagan when it was then passed down to Lt. Colonel Oliver North.  This patriot contributed to this amazing story that rivals the BRIDGE OF SPIES. One of the most awarded film festival wins globally, this film now is a mere prelude to what is going on in the Ukraine. 

Kevin McAfee

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