After the patriotic film release of LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE opened in 1400 screens with the endorsement of film legend Chuck Norris placing his “brand” on our film, the film company was inundated with requests from all over the world.   Writers Guild of America (WGA) screenwriters prepared their stories for the production company. 

The influence of the film starring Marshall Teague brought in content and having Mr. Norris and his brand placed in the movie worked.  These new creative submissions inspired the leadership to develop the “Filmmakers Roundtable”, which was needed providing an important filter for greenlighting the picture.  There would be many strategic advantages into a formidable process of review, analysis, adjudication, and a list of positive critique providing a basis to improve every story.

Content creators needed feedback to enhance their own creative journeys.  So collecting the skills from veteran filmmakers, a proprietary diagnostic platform and review team was assembled.  Next, the “table” would have refined creative boundaries and parameters upon a judging filter custom made for Oceania.  Engaging professionals in women, men, minorities and educated veterans, the organization was recruited and assembled.

Dr. McAfee serves as Chairman of the Board for Maisha and he works with Beatrice Williams from Kenya where they currently feed over 2500 children today from the slums around her childhood village.
Kevin and Lynn McAfee are working closely to create the MAISHA BEA story of how a refugee from Kenya survived and fled the nation of Kenya only to return with a purpose in helping others that has fed over two and one half million children. This new documentary film came through the Filmmakers Roundtable.
Wendy, Joe and their daughter India Holden all three share in the SUPERNATURAL STORY OF FREDRICK FULLER down in Shreveport, Louisiana. This award winning documentary was birthed from the Filmmakers Roundtable and is in film festivals in 2024-2025.

Being on the founding board of starting the film school for graduate students at Lipscomb University which has grown rapidly, was synchronizing higher education with credentials and training.  Gifted writers, directors, producers along with actors were looking for tangible evaluations of their intellectual properties and it helped to launch the “table”.

Hundreds of cinematic reviews have since followed this content course from professional adjudication via directors, film festival coordinators and union executives.

Today, the “table” serves as the “green light” filter for Oceania Studios. Plus there are several mini-major studios regarding this analysis.  With the combination of data analytics and proprietary models of review, the “table” has worked for not only content creators, but distribution studios in Hollywood, New York and beyond

Additionally, training is the key to help each and every artist grow. Partnerships with the “table” include excellent schools for actors/artists in the field of cinema with the Nashville Studio of Acting led by Tina Gallo. Organizations like these are part of the “table” and assets to enhance the entity.  

Oceania Studios continues to be a growing virtual company located in Columbia, Tennessee with meetings held at Worldwide Stages in Springhill, Tennessee. 

Pastor Johnny Merrell, John and Deani Merrell with the movie poster from JOY IN THE MORNING were honored at the Will Rogers Film Festival in Claremore, Oklahoma.

If there is an interest in having this method of services performed by the “table”, please contact As a direct result of this organization’s excellent work, there are six award winning films now currently being sold today online in the new ecommerce site for the OCEAN.CLUB.

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