Kevin McAfee, Jennifer Willingham and Jag Gholson gathered to meet regarding the foundation of a new studio based in Nashville, Oceania. Their involvement with Kevin and Lynn brought a foundation to the film company. Oceania is actually a place in the South Pacific where 1500 islands spread across the ocean. This was the inspiration for the name of the studio.

Jag, Gholson, Jennifer Willingham, Lynn & Kevin McAfee with Jim Gromer at Graceland in Memphis filming with the Elvis Presley family members. Rick and Kevin were lifelong friends and he wrote a book, “Touch of Two Kings” as the team interviewed his brothers after Rick passed. 

Both Marshall and Kevin have come together as cinema veterans in the mainstream genres as they are the screenwriters with Terri Campbell Belle for the trilogy entitled, TACTICAL BADGER. Marshall and novelist John Chadwell are the foundation for the series entitled WEREWOLVES OF NEW IDRIA.


Oceania is an entertainment conglomerate designed to create content, develop franchises, expand digital formats with a purpose in mind. Creatively discovering stories of intrigue, sacrifice, and folklore from around the world was the focus in the early days under the previous name, Golden Rule Entertainment. These stories inspire insights into the family of man. 

Oceania is found on nautical maps located in the South Pacific. Her breadth is covering over fifteen hundred miles. This massive group of islands spreading over the ocean inspired by the birth of this film franchise strategy.  Stories are often like islands with each land mass on the water birthing wonder.  Truth always lives beyond our imagination and the lessons on every nautical journey to an island connects our team to it’s vision and mission.

When Dr. McAfee met Jennifer Willingham, the name Oceania Omnimedia was born.  They both had a mutual vision to use all forms of media, from publishing in many genres, music in multiple areas, digital platforms and gaming.  Jennifer had the responsibility as the CEO and Co-Founder of EPIC.INC.  EPIC continues a strategic relationship in the area of public relations and marketing to this day.

Expanding in the early days, William Lowery from CAA/Endeavor worked closely to help mold a more effective model and consideration of intellectual property values.  He began working with Oceania after he left from being there when he went on his own to start his new ventures.  

Family Entertainment openly recognizes our culture and using the visual language to create impact.  Through he underserved markets around the world can find safety in watching films for all ages in the same room for enjoyment with excellence.  The partners see the family of man should have a voice in racial reconciliation, inspiration and love.

Over a decade earlier the McAfee family had invested in intellectual properties beginning with the film Kevin was asked to direct, LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE.  Starring in the film was the legendary film star Marshall Teague, married to Lindy, an actress and model. Marshall had been involved in appearing in over one hundred films, television episodes, and shows airing all over the world.  Chuck Norris had endorsed Marshall and Kevin’s film written by WGA and acclaimed writer, Darrell Campbell, because he and Mr. Norris were lifelong friends and he believed in the picture.  During the box office releases of EXPENDABLES II as Mr. Norris was a guest star, the release of LAST OUNCE was in theaters at the same time and this brought him and Dr. McAfee interviews on FOX and FRIENDS. 

Legendary martial artist, Mr. Norris worked to share his invaluable brand to the company and played a major role in Hollywood to support the original film production company.  As a result, the early days of the film company’s history became overwhelmed with hundreds of screenplays submitted because many award-winning screenwriters. Chuck and Gena Norris became woven into the very fabric of Oceania and Dr. McAfee was engaged to work on the new Chuck Norris Marshall Teague film trilogy, TACTICAL BADGER.

As a direct result of demand from Hollywood and the need for a proper adjudication and filtering process for content, The FILMMAKERS ROUNDTABLE dot com was able to secure from hundreds of authors, screenwriters and content creators, the best screenplays, and stories upon which the intellectual properties were formed, developed and are now in partnership with the company.

Oceania has brought on the finest film, finance team, production veterans and business executives to build film franchises from each “Island” from the Ocean.  They have engaged with Microsoft and Apple Genius support, the finest proprietary database for family entertainment and technology for a streaming platform unlike any other currently being utilized.  By investing over a decade in the intellectual properties arena, the business plan, team began creating films that led them to being one of the most awarded film companies over the last decade.

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