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Lester Holt from NBC placed the Freeman’s amazing story on national news because #butGod is incredible.


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Oceania's Production

Oceania’s Production team filming in Red is a group of purpose minded team members with a heart to make a lasting difference on every set up used.

Marshall Teague and Chuck Norris have visited troops from all over the world including in the Middle East where they stood for hours signing photographs and as two veterans, saluted our heroes.

Chuck and Marshall often go to Hawaii as their families have been intertwined for more than four decades.

Chuck Norris endorsed Marshall Teague for LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE and made the entertainment news worldwide on the FOX and CNN networks globally

Chuck and Marshall are world class martial artists and often gather with the finest stuntmen and martial artists in the world.

Lindy Teague model, actress and co-executive producer comes alongside of Oceania's leadership team. Her insights, energy and faith are so invaluable providing guidance for the film company.

Patrick Ingram is a veteran of film whose expertise ranges from Line Producing to Directing/Producing. His skills are among the finest in Hollywood and his integrity in the accounting process, the detailed planning are among the finest. Patrick and Kevin have been equally yoked since they met on the Disney Studio Lot where one of Dr. McAfee's films was being premiered.

#ButGod Film

Kevin McAfee and Director of Photography Andrew Smith working on the award winning documentary #BUTGOD.

Chuck Norris Film

Marshall Teague Actor/Producer and Kevin McAfee Director/Producer with Mike Smith of Century Martial Arts working on the Chuck Norris film.

Film Screening

Kevin and Lynn McAfee Executive Producers with band leader and award winning trumpet player Johnny Hodges at the Oceania film screening with news network media..

Studio MGM

Greg Jillian was Senior Vice President of legal for MGM and is a lifelong friend attending school at OU, which was Kevin's Alma Mater.

Veritas Mission Film

Pastor John Dickey of Hillcrest church in Stillwater, Oklahoma is a few hundred miles from the stadium at OSU has supported the dream of Oceania Studios and the non-profit partner Veritas Mission Films.

Cast & Crew

Production team for Oceania connects on set in Newcastle to share a story that has gone viral with over three million followers on the net! Our lead, Caleb Freeman appeared with Jeremy Freeman on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.

7.1 Surround Sound

Oceania has an academy award winning sound team whose work includes SPIDERMAN, MEN IN BLACK, STUART LITTLE and much more. John Chalfant is partnering with Dr. McAfee in all of the Oceania Films.

Maisha &…

Maisha means "life" in Swahili and Oceania brings a new life to this public charity on an annual basis. Beatrice Williamson is pictured here with United States Senator James and Cindy Lankford. Oceania's underpinning is to help feed children and in Kenya, it is growing rapidly as world hunger is in crisis.

Director & Director of Photography

Oceania is often in colleges and here, the team is filming the head men's basketball coach at the University of Oklahoma for one of the award winning documentaries.

Great Cast Members

Christopher Atkins first came into fame from the film BLUE LAGOON with Brooke Shields and he continues to make a presence in Hollywood with his hard work.

On Campus Filming

Directing films in large venues happens a lot as Dr. McAfee worked with Carman who had the largest concert in Christian Music History, so stadiums and large colleges are part of the objectives of Oceania. Dr. McAfee is a founding board member of Lipscomb University's graduate film school. Helping collegiate and connecting with schools is part of the dream of Oceania.


The San Antonio Film Festival is one of the fastest growing multi-cultural festivals in the domestic marketplace. Dr. McAfee invests time by his involvement, mentoring and coaching some of the world's finest young filmmakers. He believes it is germane to making a lasting difference in the lives of students.

Lipscomb Partner

Dr. McAfee and Dean Mike Fernandez of Lipscomb University began working closely after the premiere of LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE at Lipscomb University. Together, the worked diligently to create the graduate department at Lipscomb with the USC curriculum. This gave worldwide recognition to a Division I University whose students are now working in the studio system in Hollywood, New York City and beyond.

Monique Perez

Monique Perez has worked with Robert Zemeckis, BACK TO THE FUTURE, FOREST GUMP for almost three decades and has a heart and passion for Oceania and is in the management team of the new O streaming platform which will be in its first phase of launching soon.

Joy In The Morning

Heather Olive directed JOY IN THE MORNING, an award winning documentary telling the story of her dear friend, Jenny Kufahl. The documentary has won international acclaim and is narrated by Jenny's parents, Deani and John Merrell.

Nashville Oceania HQ

Brad Paisley's parents are our neighbors and because he is a huge country celebrity, I could share this picture with this headline. "Sandy Paisley had another 50th surprise birthday party at her son's ranch and Kim had just finished Christmas Chronicles with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn."

Coaching Teamwork

Coach McAfee has been a men's Division I and Division II character coach for 26 years. until he retired. Kevin said this, " Coaching a team is a lot like the manufacturing process used in filmmaking. It begins with integrity in the leadership to because it on excellence, understanding, focus, the approach to the obstacles, scoring and winning each game, one by one."

NBA Filming

Oceania is often in colleges and here, the team is filming the head men's basketball coach at the University of Oklahoma for one of the award winning documentaries.

Kevin & Monique

Monique Perez and Kevin met in Hollywood to discuss her inquiry for the films. After many meetings and developing a strong bond regarding her mission, they are moving forward together in the management of O, the e-commerce site which will eventually become a streaming platform for family based films exclusively.

Swan Princess

In the mid 1990's Kevin participated in the animated release of the NEW LINE CINEMA, SWAN PRINCESS. The film starred John Cleese, Jack Palance, Steven Wright and Sandi Duncan. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade featured a beautiful float and over 85 licenses promoting the film. The database from NEST ENTERTAINMENT where McAfee served as the Senior Vice President built one of the fastest growing company becoming an INC 500 company.

Keith Hatanaka & Linda Scott

Keith Hatanaka, Linday Gaye Scott and Keith Hatanaka meet to discuss the fiscal ventures in the development of Oceania's film fund. Keith and Kevin are partners and his role in working with Japan, China and Wall Street opened up worldwide market opportunities. Keith is from Kyoto, Japan where Dr. McAfee has filmed in the past.

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