Oceania uses THE FILMMAKERS ROUNDTABLE to adjudicate stories from content creators, authors and screenwriters. Each of these stories are currently in development with Oceania and the film team.  If you are interested in sharing your story, then you are invited to the for presentation.


Sam Oni comes to America from Africa where missionaries have encouraged him to attend Mercer University, an all while college in the deep South in 1963.  While a basketball team of friends is one of the first integrated schools, Jag Gholson and his team is on their way using sportsmanship led by Coach Clifton. This exciting story has a glorious ending.


Kendra Johnson wrote an exciting series about a group of unlikely people with special skills who embark on a thrilling adventure to save friends in peril. The film adaptation of the book series is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats as they experience travels to exotic locations, treacherous danger, and even romance. Written in the spirit of “Jack Ryan” the hero is retired military who has embraced a more quiet life and is called to return to save a friend. 


Jose Martinez has penned a book regarding a parable of what might have happened after the death of Jesus. Chronicling the descent into Hell, this imaginative encounter shares a unique perspective on the legend. Filled with Biblical and prophetic backgrounds, this book is already in many languages and promises to be created in the spirit of “300”.


Beatrice Williamson lived in Kenya with her family where the slums were filled with dangers. As a refugee from Africa, Beatrice got a job in America and sent money back to her mom who was feeding children in their home village. Over 15 years later, Bea is still sending money through a non-profit called Maisha. Maisha feeds 2500 children, includes some housing and medical services to the kids. Maisha is the Swahili word for LIFE. Beatrice helps bring a new hope and life for many children today. Her story inspires a generation to do more for others.


From the children’s book written by Papa K, this is the story of a dreamer, a child and a group of sea heroes and villains. Animation renderings drawn by heralded children’s author and designer, David Barrow, this comical tale captures the imagination of children and adults.Noodling is a way of fishing like no other, but there is no telling what lurks in the waters below.


Kris Kringle can’t believe how the true story of Christmas has been changed and he sets out on a journey to set the record straight. His story illuminates the true meaning of how Christmas was born. Santa still carries his magic and connects to families around the world in a new way. After this feature film, the myths will finally be settled from Papa K’s, storybook.

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