Meet the veteran cinematic team, led by founder and CEO, Dr. Kevin McAfee. With a passion for storytelling, our co-founder Lynn McAfee brings her finance background and innovation to the forefront, shaping the company’s vision. Supported by a talented ensemble of professionals,, the dedicated group contribute their diverse skills and expertise, collectively driving the team’s commitment ensuring authenticity in storytelling with uniqueness in content.  

Dr. Kevin McAfee – Founder/Filmmaker

Since beginning his film career at Buena Vista Studios, Kevin dedicated his cinematic works on family entertainment by sharing stories from people groups everywhere.  However, the “family of man” became his calling and he has been a founding board member of starting graduate study film schools like Lipscomb University in Nashville.

He founded in 1989, his umbrella company of McAfee & Associates, a growth, marketing, and capital company. This foundation is the Agency of Record for Oceania and continues to support middle market companies.

Kevin was awarded a lifetime achievement award where he began at Disney Studios in 2015. In the last decade, he has been on the cutting edge of film festivals covering stories in Eastern countries, Europe in over forty nations.  His track record is proven as he closes on being recognized by over 200 films festivals worldwide .

Veritas Mission Film Association is the philanthropy arm for the parent company and its subsidiaries through the partnership with the Maisha Project in Kenya remains the ethos of “helping others from across every ocean”.  Maisha in Swahili means “life” and just passed feeding over 2.5 million meals to children in Kenya.


Kevin & Lynn McAfee Founders

Kevin and Lynn are the award-winning team who have partnered with Marshall and Lindy Teague, film veterans.   Lynn oversees the fiscal management for the McAfee family of companies and serves as the President of Veritas Mission Film Association.  

From distant tribes in jungles around the world, the “family of man” footprint reaches across the seven seas expanding our interests in the global good. The family’s legacy rotates around an ethos of “helping others”. Lynn is a professional counselor working with mental health in a wide range spanning autism, addiction, abuse and more.

Marshall Teague - Creative Content Partner

Marshall is a Navy Veteran and served in the United States Military where he became the NATO kickboxing champion fomartial artist and the former one of the most talented veteran actors holding over 100 appearances in his almost fifty yearposition in the film world.  His films include, but are not limited to, THE ROCK, ARMAGEDDON, ROADHOUSE, U.S. SEALS 2, SPECIAL FORCES, THE CUTTER, BELLS OF INNOCENCE and recently starred in LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE.  Marshall is a lifelong “villain” in dozens and dozens of films, episodes on WALKER TEXAS RANGER.

Marshall is an author, screenwriter and the creative force for the new film trilogy where he is starring with one of the greatest film actors of our time alongside Chuck Norris entitled, TACTICAL BADGER.  Finally, the two amazing actors will be working on the same side fighting against a worldwide mafia syndicate from Japan, England, Saudi Arabia and China. The second in the film trilogy will take us to the orient with the third climaxing in the Middle East. 

After Marshall became the lead actor in LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE where McAfee directed, the two film veterans had almost one hundred years of working in the film industry and they became partners.  Lindy Teague also serves alongside of Oceania in a Co-Executive Producer capacity and is a valuable asset to the production side of the business.

The Partners

Keith Hatanaka - Capital Partner

Keith Hatanaka is a highly accomplished Wall Street professional, who grew up in Kyoto, Japan. He launched his career as a Vice President at the esteemed Republic Bank of New York overseeing the securities division. Specializing in executing complex “Soft-Dollar Transactions” investment strategies with institutional investors, Keith focused particularly on targeting Japanese endowments seeking diversification. Through his expertise and strategic insights, Japanese investors came to the United States as he played a significant role in contributing to the overall success and growth of the company. Within this role, his exceptional skill in navigating the intricacies of the financial markets, integrity in fiscal analysis, building strong relationships with clients, and achieving outstanding investment outcomes, Keith climbed the investment ladder representing the most powerful capitalists in North America.

Driven by an unwavering thirst for new challenges and experiences, Keith transitioned into an independent global advisor, embracing exciting opportunities that extended beyond traditional avenues. In this capacity, he successfully structured over $2 billion in bilateral infrastructure development ventures, forging strategic partnerships between for the Chinese government interests and energy-resource partners, including renowned entities like Saudi Aramco. A pioneering effort was accomplished through the establishment of an innovative oil storage depot facility in Batangas Bay, Philippines, leveraging creative barter and equity structures. By prioritizing win-win barter exchanges, he facilitated mutual modernization objectives and fostered enhanced regional relations, responding to the growing energy appetites of Asian and many overseas markets.

Jag Gholson

FinTrust Advisors Partners & Executive Producer

Jag Gholson is the Wealth Manager, an award-winning Executive Producer and the writer on MORE THAN CHAMPIONS. This story merges the life of Sam Oni, who left Africa and immigrated to attend an all white college in the 1960’s in the deep South.

He is Executive Producer for the award-winning films, FINAL WORDS OF WWII, #BUTGOD and more.  He is an avid sportsman, fisherman, biking, and active member in philanthropy for many causes.

Specializing in estate liquidity studies, multi-generational wealth transfers and structures, his wisdom is a commodity for his vast client base.  He carries the qualifications of the Series 6, 63 and 65 licenses. Jag serves on numerous boards including past president of the Cancer Foundation Board in Athens, Georgia.




Lynn McAfee

Award Winning Executive Producer

Dr. Miller Bargeron

Award-Winning Producer

Julie Spencer

Executive Assistant Dr. McAfee

Jim Gromer

Award-Winning Writer/Producer

Monique Perez

Assistant to President Robert Zemeckis

John Chalfant

Academy Award Winner & Award Winning Sound

Lindy Teague

Co-Executive Producer

Terri Campbell Bell


Tanner McAfee

Production Team

Everardo Santana

Associate Producer

George Clarke

Co-Executive Producer/Security

Beatrice Williamson

Non-Profit Partner Africa

Patrick Ingram

Producer, Writer/ Director 

Tim Portner


Anthony Preston

Associate Producer


Mr. Alvarado is serving as Executive Producer for TACTICAL BADGER

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