Jeremy and Emily Freeman had lived through one tragic loss after another. His wife’s mother had passed along with Emily’s brother. Then Emily’s sister had Toby, who would pass away as tinyinfant.  Now, within weeks, their youngest son Trey, had gone through the autoimmune disease that took the lives of their family members all in what seemed to be just a few months. Just when you thought nothing else could happen to #jeremyfreeman, #emilyfreeman, then their two sons, Caleb and Clayton were in a horrible automobile death defying accident.

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself the question, “When does all the bad stuff stop in my life?”  Have you ever questioned your Creator by saying, “Isn’t it enough?”  Jeremy and Emily were flying to the scene of this horrible accident as they were called and told their sons in the rain had spun out of control on I-35 in Norman, Oklahoma and an eighteen wheeler drove them thousands of feet into the pylons.  Nobody could live this kind of impact as their car stood helplessly in a dark night in the rain when the truck did not see them parked at 55 miles per hour.


Because of the #butGod, they did not die, but what would take place after this was horrific for any family.  The oldest son Caleb had stopped breathing, and his head was found resting on the front grid of that huge truck at sixteen years of age.  Caleb was thrown into the back seat with lacerations and had blacked out.  
Remarkably, an MMA fighter Brad Frakes, had just driven past the collision slowly on this rainy December night and something said to his heart, “Stop, you need to go back.”.  Reluctantly, he pulled over, parked, and ran from his car on to the scene of the horrible accident.  #bradfrakes looked into the truck and saw Caleb was slumped over and not moving and this event began what would be a life-altering sequence of events for the family, for friends and even Brad.  

#pastorJeremyFreeman, #FBCNewcastle and Newcastle High school was going to show up at the OU Medical Center just to see if Caleb was going to make it out alive.  #NEWS4, #ABCNEWS5 in Oklahoma City and #CBSNEWS9 began covering the story.  #AliMeyer the anchor at NEWS4 showed a keen interest in the story.

As a result, a feature documentary movie #butGod was made of this miraculous story, and you will not want to miss a minute of what happened.  It began a #butGodmovement that has continued since 2017.  I was called to direct a picture that would impact my life like #BeyondTheGatesOfSplendor did with END OF THE SPEAR.  

This is an emotionally packed miracle story and without God, you cannot survive any crash like this one.  Laying lifeless, with tubes in Caleb, the journey was about to begin and this is where Caleb first came into my life.

As a film director, it is always fascinating how stories find us.  Many years ago I kept trying to find stories that went beyond imagination, but in recent years there has been a turn in how we find treasures to move from the Holy Spirit.  I’ve never really been much of a fan of Christian films due to the lack of quality and because of spiritual immaturity.

When I received a call late one night from Pastor John Dickey, Hillcrest Baptist Church in Stillwater, Oklahoma, I was introduced to Pastor Jeremy Freeman of First Baptist Newcastle and his family was on the call.  Caleb had gone from Oklahoma City, transferred to rehab to the famous clinic in Denver and was now in Omaha.  

They had watched a film where in 2015 Larry Jones had interviewed me about my stroke and how I was miraculously healed.  The film had gone viral to over 300,000 and I believe they were indeed led to watch what happened.

They wanted me to pray for Caleb.

From this moment on, I was swept into a story that we didn’t have any idea how the movie would even end.  Defying all odds, there was one miracle after another that took place and you have to watch this compelling story to actually see the miracles in real time. 

News stations came and interviewed me about how I got involved as a filmmaker and I simply said, “It’s all about the two words Pastor Jeremy used when asked about his family’s condition and how Caleb as doing. He simply shared, BUT GOD, and these wo words had already began a movement of prayer like I had never seen before among teens.”

What happens next went so viral, but even more importantly began changing the lives of young people.  In other faiths from around the world, there is no activity for healing through the precious blood of Jesus.  In fact, while we respect every faith, for those who believe in Jesus, your story, your life can truly change.

If you would like to know more about how this transformation can happen in your life, you can go to several websites. First you can check out our non-profit ministry, give to help support Caleb at
Jeremy Freeman and Caleb Freeman share a dynamic ministry of evangelism where they speak everywhere sharing this amazing #butGod story to thousands and thousands of people from hundreds of churches.  They are seeing thousands come to know Jesus as their Savior and there is nothing like this happening in youth to this size.

Our entire film team was inspired by this story and how it can impact other people today.  Our faith will be on the line, but as Caleb’s grandfather shares, “A faith that cannot be tested, cannot be trusted”.  Ken Freeman truly has been another anchor in this family’s beliefs for years.  

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