A Chuck Norris movie has been long overdue and thanks to Marshall Teague, the reality is here.  This is the most exciting picture a family-friendly film company would ever have. Our story is about a covert group of defense contractors with the call sign, “Badgers”.  This group of tactical experts are called for intense “condition red” exclusive teams with the missions even the Federal Government desires to “not be involved”.  These men and women are martial artists, weapons specialists and carry unique skills in rescues and are used to erase the enemy.

Starring the motion picture legends Chuck Norris (Dirk) alongside his lifelong partner, Marshall Teague (Brody), these karate grandmasters teach character with Karate on the weekends to their dojos giving back to children in Tokyo, London and in Texas. They have both served alongside each other for their country in various groups around the world. Their veteran hills together have taken them in combat and they have a special overwatch unit as defense contractors for agencies who need stealth operations in various situations of national security. 

The Japanese mob, led by the evil kingpin, Nee Serakawa is ramping up the mob’s drug distribution centers worldwide.  They are funding this activity by increasing the sex trafficking trade, money laundering and illegal weaponry. All of this when Dirk and Brody are retiring from a life of service for their country. One of Dirk’s family members is kidnapped by Japan’s mafia. It’s going to be one wild ride as these martial arts and combat experts are given the condition red by officials to go weapon’s free to eliminate the crisis once and for all.

What is unique about this story is the action, face paced dialogue for all ages. People who watch OCEANIA films will realize the power and enjoyment of family friendly action unlike what is being seed on the big screen today. Aaron Norris directed Walker Texas Ranger and all but three of his brother’s films.   Our film team is honored to have his leadership brought into this film which seventeen million followers of Chuck Norris have been waiting for.  Unlike the Expendables 2 film, this movie will feature Hollywood’s favorite action film stars, Chuck Norris.

Marshall Teague starred in Last Ounce of Courage directed by Kevin McAfee and the two have teamed up to create Teague McAfee Productions under the Oceania Studios.  Additionally, they have an exciting film series entitled, WOLVES which is a time travel action series as these beasts are in fights against the evil one, Beelzebub and his minions.  They re-wrote a script beautifully assembled by Terri Campbell Belle from Los Angeles and TACTICAL BADGER was born.  This international espionage, action-based film promises to be one of the best of the year being slated to begin production soon. 

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