Host Marshall Teague is a United States Navy Veteran and he understands the “patriots” who are asked to go beyond the normal realm of service and his dramatic narration leads us into territories in countries around the world.  Story Consulting Producers David Coes and George Clark are Green Berets whose lives in the special forces and martial arts, collided with patriot stories bonded by service. These men and women have served their country faithfully. However, they are the “no name” individuals who have never sought to bring attention to their lives, but through PATRIOTS HOUR helmed filmmaker, Dr. Kevin McAfee was inspired by the story of these brave men.  Countries have been at war since time began and many of these wars, nobody ever sees or knows about.  
This documentary film series is a personal view into the lives of men who faced dangers, were called to duty and they accomplished their missions with no fan fare or ticker tape parade.  They came home until they were called up again.  Whenever the military needed them, their halo jumps, flights, missions and codes were given, they have been prepared to answer the call.  In Patriot’s Hour, we see their lives and how martial arts, discipline and hard work helped them channel their energies into giving back, in the most unusual ways. 

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