“It’s time the family genres for adults come to the forefront promoting people from across the oceans. These family entertainment films all carry life lessons, character building themes developed by the highest quality of artists. Covering most all the genres, O will be a standard bearer for kindness, joy and faith in women, minorities and silent voices yet to be heard. We shouls never bow down to compromising mores and ethics and we must create outstanding content with morality once again.”

O is our new brand introducing original content with a purpose.  Oceania believes there is a space in the market which has been underserved for too long.  This is not specifically for just O desires to bring ethics and morality back into story telling focus by promoting the golden rule.  You won’t find horrible profanity, unwanted sexuality, violence or abuse on this service. Additionally, O will be the first service to herald the works of women, minority and global artists for highlighting entertainment excellence with a Biblical barometer.  Through a collection of professional adjudicators from all over the world, films will be selected to be featured on this platform.

When Walt Disney began with the drawing of a mouse, he was trying to entertain a child, he focused on cartoons to the delight of children.  When O began with stories from differing people groups from around the world over a decade ago, the commitment was made to the adult audiences and now, we introduce a whole new line of programming.  Can you imagine watching an action film from legendary actor Chuck Norris, but not having to worry about graphic violence?

Major feature films will be released through this platform but some may require edited content to meet standards of decency put forth by the FILMMAKERS ROUNDTABLE.  Recruited in the group will be people from all faiths, from around the world who believe in the golden rule as the measuring test for the entire library.



Within 5 years the goal of O will distribute over 2500 titles working with purpose- oriented filmmakers.  The amalgamation of the most creative talent pursuing the finest entertainment celebrating the “Family of Man” from around the world will become a new standard in film schools who desire to believe in the visual language of film again.   



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