Final Words of WWII Documentary

The U.S. 88th Infantry Division, along with the 313th Combat Engineers, battled their way up Italy to push back the Nazis and Mussolini and re-take Europe for the Allies!

This unbelievable feature-length documentary chronicles some of the last remaining survivors of WWII, including Fred Camp. Hear from the men who were there when they liberated Rome and from the family members who supported them during wartime and long after. Military experts and historians provide valuable insight into the moments that changed the momentum and helped win World War II.

Hear how Fred fell in love during the Italian campaign, got blown up, and was nearly buried alive. He married that beautiful young war bride, Rossana Ferretti, despite the language and cultural barriers. Would he survive the war to live out the American dream with the love of his life or pay the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom?

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