Lorretta Segars was an educator for children by trade and her authorship of the book SAND IN TUSCANY inspired what would become the most successful documentary in the history of Veritas Mission Films and Oceania Studios.   Her father, Fred Camp was part of the “Blue Devils” group in the Italian theater in WWII and the story she told provided the basis for this entire series dedicated to the Segars. 

On the Italian front, this initial episode shares the dramatic stories from three purple heart veterans who were the last of the 88th Division and the Combat Division assigned.  With the help of the Historian of the 88th and family members of these brave men, the last words were recorded in this exciting series.

Internationally, this documentary has been praised around the world for its accuracy and heart felt emotions through the mud and blood left on the battlefield.  These men had never told their stories, but in the final chapters of their lives, they chose to share the truths from an authentic soldier perspective.  They were not generals, but the front lines who were fighting Hitler’s elite, Mussolini’s army all during the Italian Civil War.

Everything about these men provide the benchmark to create the series in the military theaters in Africa, Germany, America, Europe, England, Japan and more.  There are thirteen episodes waiting to be created.  This patriotic and military series will be seen and reviewed for generations to come under the award winning film team of Oceania.

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