In the year 1063, a nineteen-year-old Spanish knight fights alongside the legendary El Cid against the Moors. After the battle near Graus, a Moorish village in Spain, El Cid blesses Roberto Aceves de Burgos and gives him a gift of the magical sword, Tizona, and tells the boy that his father is dying and he must return home to Burgos.

On the journey home, the young knight is attacked by an infamous highwayman and werewolf. Aceves survives the attack, though badly wounded. He is convinced that he will eventually be transformed into a beast of evil. But a wondrous being appears, heals his wounds and tells him that his future is not preordained, that it is his choice to accept the creator’s grace and serve on the side of good rather than evil.

Aceves chooses to fight evil and becomes an eternal Holy Warrior. He and his descendants fight for justice over the next nine centuries throughout Europe and into the Americas, always in secret, for they are still feared as werewolves.

One day, he and his clan are captured by a young army officer, George Patton, who offers them the chance to come out of the veil of darkness and serve in the open as the nation’s first Special Forces. They agree and soon became known for their bravery and ferocity in battle during both World Wars and through Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Aceves clan eventually settles on a ranch in California’s Diablo Mountains, near the abandoned mining town of New Idria. In nearby Hollister, the annual motorcycle rally is taking place when a gang called The Devil’s Demons arrives. The gang’s leader is a demon, Satan’s own kin, seeking revenge and the destruction of the Werewolves of New Idria. When werewolves and demons come together in the toxic remains of New Idria, it is a battle to the death and the transformation of one to a divine creature.

With twelve episodes planned for the first season, the series has the potential to grow to multiple seasons with ease.

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