JP Knights

Spiritual warfare is normally an unseen struggle between heaven and hell, but not here. In this story, author Beth Lambert authored her book, THE HARVEST CHRONICLES to be a counter and alternative to HARRY POTTER.  In the same spirit as the NY Times best-selling book, THIS PRESENT DARKNESS, this action-packed adventure delivers. In the Bible, Joel has a prophecy in the last days over young men who will dream dreams, and this is called the Joel Prophecy.  Set in the picturesque mountains of Johnstown, Pennsylvania our story begins with an angelic being deployed from Heaven and is now preparing the young people to prepare for leading the battle.  Tsade is the angelic being who knows the importance of preparing the young teens at a summer camp, which turns into a foreshadowing of this franchise which is part of a trilogy. The team of writers worked on a suspenseful and lighthearted screenplay with outlines for film two and three.

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