When our team of writers began on the new action script TACTICAL BADGER, we faced many challenges.  Marshall Teague had a vision for where this film and Terri Campbell Bell had put an outline together for the team that was unique.  With Chuck “Carlos” Norris and Marshall in lead roles for the first time as black operative partners everything was set.  A suspense-based  screenplay needed to be a crowning film that would honor the legend and include two powerful sequels.

As actors, Marshall and I both knew the acting assets we would have in our creative arsenal, the legendary approach with Chuck Norris and building on the strengths of the pre-cast in our writing.  Fortunately, directing Marshall in Colorado for LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE, I had seen the breadth and scope of his acting and action abilities and knew the chemistry and line construction would morph into a new creative style.

Pacing in the dialogue was created with a Teague McAfee creative approach to filmmaking.  Speed, depth, character arcs and turns were integrated into the mix.  In using the visual language, we did not want to “say it” as much as “show the story as we both agreed regarding a new international structure and since Mr. Norris was a six-time world karate champion, the film would begin in Tokyo. 

Often screenwriters overwrite and there is no opportunity for spontaneity and improvisational excellence.  Therefore, the dialogue needed to diminish, to be more authentic.  When you have actors who have worked at the highest level, it opens windows or precision writing to their strengths.

When I became involved with the script, was at Marshall’s invitation. Our experiences together would herald a different approach and the assets we had from Terri gave us a footprint upon which the painting on our canvas could take more shape.  My first creative thoughts were to make the screenplay global. More layers of the villain coming from another world would enhance the suspense.  Since the martial arts in Karate came from the East, we chose Japan and China for our villains backgrounds using the Mafia for the darkness.

Never in history has the “Dark Web” and technology, artificial intelligence and corruption been more in the forefront. In war, crime and the invasion of privacy ruled the modern age in a clear darkness.  TACTICAL BADGER, BADGER II and BADGERS III, will take this elite group of operatives into what eventually will be a world crisis.  Foreshadowing the thermos-nuclear wars that will eventually be part of attacks on democracy.

For this reason, Marshall chose the badger from his experience in hunting, describing this small rodent as one of the most ferocious animals in the wild kingdom.  For such a small creature to literally have the sheer strength and power they possess to eat through a moose or a bear, places them as a deadly threat to the largest predators.

Special thanks to lessons Mr. Norris had learned when working with acting legend Steve McQueen, who told him, “Save your dialogue for the hero lines.”  This character profile maintains a pivotal role for any commander of special forces and Norris is in an elite group of action stars.  Marshall as the co-captain truly brings a brevity to the duo and is equally deadly in martial arts, weaponry and all areas with ballistics.   

The BADGER trilogy has taken years to develop and it’s exciting to finally bring the talents of Dakota Norris, Aaron Norris, with Dad and brother Chuck Norris and a team of action professionals inside the special ingredients for success.  This mixture promises to be an exciting popcorn set of movies for generations to come.  We didn’t want to telegraph the scripts with too much foreshadowing, but Terri laid a basis.  After bringing AI into plotlines including the “dark web” we have brought to technology to keep audiences in theaters on their seats.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Norris sent us a great endorsement of his enthusiasm and excitement for this picture.  He and his wife were coming from their home in Hawaii and our team at Oceania was thrilled.  Co-Executive Producer Lindy Teague also has weighed in on her creative thoughts throughout the final writing phase of the BADGERS which is a refreshing perspective from the female hunter’s view.

Since Marshall and I met, we’d talked about a project just like this trilogy of films.  When the Teague family contacted me for help, Lindy was encouraging our families to come together and join in on this target. From this, we birthed our new management team of Teague McAfee Productions overseeing the film slate of OCEANIA STUDIOS based in Columbia, just South of Nashville, Tennessee.

Principal Photography will take our team and film stars into Worldwide Stages near Columbia to Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, the Southwest and ending up in Los Angeles.  Our final step is securing our capital partner and Keith Hatanaka is working on this arena along with the wealth manager for Oceania and award-winning Executive Producer, Jag Gholson.  We will be working with our aviation partner coordinating with our actors who will all be treated in the spirit of the golden rule.

When we have the production financing completed, we will begin the critical path scheduling. In the meantime, we are busy working on our strategic partners, product placement, co-production entities and we completed our direct marketing partnership with Innovative Marketing Solutions and longtime friend, Carl Townsend.  One of the technology assets we are finally employing will be the integration of WEB3.  Stay tuned for more updates.

From the Filmmaker’s Roundtable,


Kevin McAfee

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